Schizodelay SD-1

Schizodelay SD-1
The Audible Disease Schizodelay SD-1 is an awesome analog delay pedal that runs the gamut of delay sounds from quick slap-back all the way to expansive bliss and extra-long lo-fi delay and also adds the ability to explore the noisier realm with the SCHIZ knob.

The SCHIZ knob controls the amount of the output signal that is fed back into the input. This lets you explore pandemonic self-oscillating sonic feedback eruptions -- you don't even have to have anything plugged into the input jack! Experimentation is the key here.

  • Delay times from 35ms to 942ms
  • Self-oscillation mode with the SCHIZ knob
  • True bypass switching circuitry
  • Single 1/4 inch monophonic audio output jack
  • The nominal input level is -20 dBu (standard guitar / bass level)
  • Powered by a 9 volt negative center barrel type plug or a 9-volt battery
MSRP: $305.00 (USD)
Video demo of the Audible Disease Schizodelay SD-1