about audible disease

Audible Disease creates effect pedals, synthesizers and other devices that aim to help every kind of musician push the sonic envelope with a truly unique and noisier sound palate.

With roots in noise and experimental music, Geordan and Bob, the brains behind Audible Disease, derive inspiration for designing devices from unusual and extreme forms of music. “We’ll talk to a noise musician who says that they want a good distortion pedal but also want it to also scream and stutter,” said Bob. “We’ll actually make such a beast!”

Artists that use Audible Disease effect pedals and synthesizers cover an extensive range of musical styles including electronic music, experimental, pop music, metal and harsh noise.

Since its inception in January of 2005, Audible Disease has grown from manufacturing a noisily useful feedback looper pedal to a full line of amazing devices that can be spotted in music shops in Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond.

In addition to extraordinary sounds, Audible Disease places emphasis on building high quality and eye-catching devices designed to last a lifetime.


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