Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2

Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2
The Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2 is no longer in production.
The Audible Disease Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2 is a low bit-rate sampler that can record from 30 to 90 seconds of sound and then play it back. The knob changes the pitch of the sample and/or the recording time. You can even play around with the knob while recording a sample and get some ultra-freaky warped samples when you play it back! Record a sample at a short sample rate and crank the knob down for low-pitched crunchy goodness!! The static memory of the sampler will hold the sample even if the power is turned off.

The Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2 has been discontinued to make room for the Junk-Fi Sampler JF-3 coming to you soon!
MSRP: $190.00 (USD)

JF-2 F.A.Q.

We have received many comments and opinions about the JF-2. Here are some of the more common questions about the sampler:

Why can't I hear the sound going into the input?

Unfortunately, it's by design. The only sound you will hear out of this thing is the sample being played back... either looped or one-shot.

When I make a long sample and play it back, sometimes I can only hear a second or so worth of sound... especially when looping. WTF?

Yes... this is another undocumented and unappreciated "feature" of the sampler. You will find that on some settings of the PITCH knob (when you record a sample) you can get the whole sample to play back. It's super fussy.

I hear a clicking sound in the sample being played back. What's that?

It's actually part of the LO-FI (junk-fi?!!?) circuitry. Most people appreciate the extra noisiness.

How long can you sample?

Actually a maximum of 30 to 90 seconds depending on where the PITCH knob is set. Of course, you can sample for shorter times.

No sir. I didn't like it. What can you do for me?

We will be offering the JF-3 sampler at a future date. For folks that have a JF-2, we can work out a super cool deal to get you a lo-fi sampler that works in a nifty fashion.